We explore the possible to
achieve the impossible and to
reach the pinaccle of success
through continuous endeavour.

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The Administrative Block of the school is a compact block that includes the Reception, Management office, Principal’s Office, Accounts Office and a Conference Hall.



  • The classrooms are well ventilated
  • Smart Classes for better learning

    To keep abreast with latest technology used in classrooms, we have incorporated the facility of smart classes to make the process of learning fun filled and more interesting. Text book lessons can be explained and reinforced better with fascinating visual modules leaving a lasting impact on young minds. It facilitates understanding of intangible and difficult concepts with clarity and ease. To sum up, it has enhanced quality of teaching and added variety to class room learning.

Smart class


"The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.”

- Anthony Trollope

We have a well equipped and air-conditioned library for learners of all ages.
We aim at widening the horizon and liberating young minds by inculcating reading habits in children. Great care is taken to select appropriate books that trigger the thoughts and imagination creatively. Students as well as teachers can benefit from the wide variety of reference, fiction and nonfiction books available.

The magazine section keeps the students informed and updated with the current happenings around the world.
New books are added to the shelves regularly as per the suggestions of teachers and students. 

All classes from II- XII are provided with at least one library period per week. Students are expected to follow the rules laid down to enjoy the benefits of the school library.

Audio-visual aid is also used for storytelling to the tiny tots.

Dance & Music Room

Art and culture is a major ingredient of character building among the youth. The music and dance rooms give these young minds a common place to learn about the various forms of music and dance in India and around the world. The melodious performances at various school functions show that the activities taking place in the dance and music room are giving fruitful results.

Dance forms taught at our school are

  • Indian Classical Dance
  • Western Contemporary Dance

Musical Choices available are:

  • Indian Instrumental Music
  • Indian Classical Vocal
  • Western Vocal
  • Western Instrumental Music
Music Room Dance Room
Art and Craft Room

The artistic flair of creative minds is discovered and refined by expert hands. After the grilling classroom sessions, children get a chance to give form to their imagination and create amazing masterpieces. It’s incredible to see such talent at such a tender age. Various activities like sketching, colouring, painting, clay modeling and sculpture are conducted under the able guidance of experienced teachers. A unique piece of art installation created by students is put up at the reception periodically.

Sports Room and a Playground
In order to bring about coordination between body and mind, the school imparts physical education and provides Yoga and a variety of sports to make the children physically fit and healthy. Play ground is a different tool of education altogether. Besides the game it teaches team spirit, determination, focus and management. Above all it imparts the winning spirit. For all these reasons and more-All work along with lots of play, is the school mantra as far as sports go.
We teach various games here like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Netball, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis etc

Computer classes in the schools are important to a well-rounded education. Students are instructed on the basic need of computer, as early as kindergarten .computer education is given keeping in mind today’s needs and tomorrows vision.

Our school has two well-equipped computer labs for Junior and Senior wing.

Langauage Lab

There is a language lab in the school with all facilities. Students are given better opportunity to practice the language. The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

Maths Lab

The Maths lab has been created with an objective to explore maths beyond textbooks and apply it in day-to-day situations. Various brain storming activities like solving mathematical riddles, application based games and making mathematical models are conducted to elucidate difficult concepts of curriculum and sharpen the minds of children.

Students get to understand the various concepts through the feel of real objects. Math, measurement and relationships between various principles are not left to some strange imagination, they are clarified by actual demonstration. This makes math more real and hence better understood.
Science Labs - Satisfying Inquisitive minds

To meet the requirement of the curriculum we provide the students with excellent lab facilities. 
We have three science Labs for the seniors :

Physics Lab :  All experiments are carried out under the guidance of expert faculty and skilled lab assistants. Pendulums, spring weighing machines and tongs can be seen in continuous use at the physics lab that is well equipped to satisfy curious minds of scientists in making.

Chemistry Lab : Popping sounds, coloured fumes and regular pungent smell is the order of the day in the well equipped chemistry lab where the students experiment with various chemical reactions.

Biology Lab : Equipped with contemporary scientific apparatus, models and conserved specimens the Biology Lab is ideal for visual and practical understanding of theoretical concepts of curriculum. 

Psychology Lab: We have a psychology lab where students conduct course related experiments. Some of the experiments can also be conducted within the class though. This lab is also used by school counsellors. Training in life skills is also imparted here. Counsellors here also focus on peer education programme.


Physics Lab Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab Psychology Lab
Medical Room

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

The school provides Medical aid to the students. The school engages the services of qualified doctors and a staff nurse. Periodical Health checkups are done by qualified Doctors.

A staff nurse is on duty at all times during school hours.  Parents must provide the school specific information with regard to any health condition/ allergy/chronic illness of their ward requiring special consideration. They must also provide any other medical information as and when asked for.
  • Round the clock security is provided.
  • Identity cards are issued to the students as well as the parents.
  • CCTV is installed in all the classes, corridors and activity rooms.
  • An attendant and a bus in charge teacher on every bus route.
  • Speed governors are installed in all the buses
  • Central PA system is installed
  • Fire Fighting System is present in each building
  • Evacuation Drill practise periodically carried out for Disaster management

For the emotional well- being and success of students, the school has a trained counsellor who offers personal counselling as well as career counselling to the students. 
In addition with learning difficulties or disabilities parents are welcome to consult them for advice and assistance.

Activity Room for Pre-Primary Wing

We have a specially designed Activity Room where different group activities are done. It’s an area where the children of pre-primary wing learn to get along with their peer group and develop sharing and caring skills. Such activities promote independence, self-control and a positive attitude. Children are taught about group participation, team spirit, team leadership as well as why and how to follow instructions.



The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for transporting the students from different localities to the school and vice-versa.